A Trilling Evening in South Pasadena with Eclectic Music

The term Eclecticism refers conscious use of musician’s alien style into his nature. People off all ages are fond of eclectic music because of their outstanding composition, taste, lyrics and singing style. South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce arranged fourth annual eclectic music festival on 7th April. Locals had the opportunity to enjoy with Latin rhythm, gallery artwork, Celtic rock, bluegrass music, beer gardens, food trucks and around 40 musicals acts on Mission Street between Fair Oaks and Grand Avenues. Musicians performed on eight different stages from 5 to 10 pm.

The event was a gathering place for local youth musicians with Grammy winner Billy Childs, South Pasadena residents, Celtic rock group along with range wide range of musical entertainment. It was a great opportunity for upcoming talented young musicians to perform with the hot-shots. The event aimed to bring the community together with musical entertainment and an evening of fun.

For the locals it was the scope to show their talent. One of the performers Mark Hatch & Group five first performed in an Eclectic Music Festival four years ago. When visitors enjoyed musical performance the event also held wide array of artwork on display. Along with musicians there were also many artists whose works were exhibited in 13 downtown galleries.

An evening with musician and artists, South Pasadena residents had amazing time. Chamber of Commerce President, one of the organizers was delighted after the successful performance and exhibition. The event took place with an aim and the performer put extra ingredients to claim it perfectly. Heart touching music, extra-ordinary arts collection really thrills up the locals, brought them together and boosts the young talented. Downtown stores and restaurants opened their door warmly and the food trucks parked along the streets, no wonder the festival was one of the most successful Eclectic Music Festival ever organized.

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