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TuneCore Hires a New Chief Marketing Officer

March 13th, 2013Posted by umanrak

TuneCore is the world’s largest music distributor and is considered as one of the highest artist revenue generating music catalogs in the whole world. The company has just announced that they have hired Tamra Lichtman as their Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The COO of the TuneCore, Scott Ackerman, said that “We are very excited to […]

The Band MilkDrive Mixes Up Eclectic Acoustic Music

February 24th, 2013Posted by umanrak

Texas-based jazz-grass band MilkDrive is now developing a good reputation for its dynamic musical style. The Guitarist/harmony vocalist Noah Jeffries – who has recently spend so much of a month in Oklahoma visiting the family of his wife – said that everyone of us like rock just crazy out-there avant-garde type music. We try to […]

World Music Award schedule been changed, won’t be organized as Planned

January 7th, 2013Posted by umanrak

Due to logistic and multiple visa issues organizers have changed the schedule for World Music Awards. Organizers have declared, the date of the ceremony will be announced again later. It was planned to happen in the last Saturday in Miami. Justin Bieber, Deadmau5, Drake and several more candidates were nominated for the award. In the […]