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Eclectic Music show conducting by Eric Hull

December 15th, 2012Posted by umanrak

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra performed at an eclectic music concert earlier this month. The concert was directed by Canadian conductor Eric Hull. Hull is well known for his mastery of various genres from baroque to contemporary, covering both operatic and symphonic works. In this musical program Orchestra performed a lists of late romance, impressionistic and early […]

Change of World Music with Change of Time

December 5th, 2012Posted by umanrak

We entered in a new millennium so do the world music. We are watching a big change in the scenario of the music world, which is mostly happened in recent years. People say music industry is too often a closed world. The workings behind albums, affairs in the backroom, live performances can’t be shared with […]

Eclectic Music Concert at the Theatre Mack in Cayuga Museum

December 4th, 2012Posted by umanrak

Cayuga Museum is going to arrange a one night eclectic music performance at the Theatre Mack. Internationally celebrated artists in collaboration with locals will perform at this amazing event. It’s sure gonna be a huge blast for the music lovers. Well known Mexican guitarist, famous drummer, big band jazz bassist and a saxophone master what […]