Change of World Music with Change of Time

We entered in a new millennium so do the world music. We are watching a big change in the scenario of the music world, which is mostly happened in recent years. People say music industry is too often a closed world. The workings behind albums, affairs in the backroom, live performances can’t be shared with the audience. Now generations become more drawn to smaller local and indie acts, the commercial success that some artist achieves become more important for consumers.

In 2011, a music conference started called Mundial Montreal world music conference. It is forum for music insiders and for artist related to field of music to interact and exchange their work. This event pretty young in music world but has acquire a significant place on the industry. In 2012 Mundial Montreal showcases more than thirty artists. This event ran for four nights and more than 150 delegates attended the conference. Tickets are available for those who had industry pass.

The showcases were formatted pretty wisely so the music lover can fulfill their appetite. Every artist has given the chance to play four or five songs at stage. Participants in this festival came from all across the world, therefore it was totally a different flavor to taste and of course it was unique.

The priority of Mundial Montreal is cross- cultural exchange between the nations and it is much admirable for a cause. The event was trying to highlight the potential for cultural cross-pollination between historically francophone populations and they had quite a success doing it. The sponsors of this event which include Montreal, Canadian governments, the Canada Council for the Arts and Quebec are very concerned about the cause and accordingly supported it.

From the standpoint of world music, the most desired skill is the power to communicate through music: bridging cultures, broadening fan bases, and inciting change.

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