Charity Music Festival in Central Park to Halve Poverty

The largest music charity festival took place yesterday in the Central park, New York yesterday. More than 60,000 music fans enjoyed the program live. The program was also telecast live over Internet. The program was to create awareness about malaria, child mortality, and polluted drinking water. Global Citizen Festival called in attention to poverty and organized the concert.

The program was featured by Band of Horses and Foo Fighters. Somalian rapper K’naan, Black Keys and Neil Young performed to call attention on worldwide poverty. Organizers used the concert as a way to share the important information with people regarding several global problems.

To get the ticket users had to register at the official website of Global Citizen. To get registered they had to watch videos and read information about poverty related issues. Undoubtedly this smart initiative was a huge success. They got 71,000 sign up and3.5 million page views. On average, users spent over six minutes on their website and shared tons of poverty related information in Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Organizers aimed to reach more than 100,000 people and with the exciting musical festival they easily gained expected response. So far it’s one of the greatest successes to sharing information with the help of music.

Organizers will use these interested and motivated personals to fight back the extreme poverty. They aim to poking the responsible administration to take proper initiative in regarding issues.

The performance was amazing. Musicians played their hits one after another and the excited spectators went wild with the flow of music. From this concert Global Citizen has been able to connect with the musicians and a major rock band has agreed to work with them in the future steps. Music lovers got the chance to watch extreme performance and also learn valuable information about major problems of current world.

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