Eclectic Music Concert at the Theatre Mack in Cayuga Museum

Cayuga Museum is going to arrange a one night eclectic music performance at the Theatre Mack. Internationally celebrated artists in collaboration with locals will perform at this amazing event. It’s sure gonna be a huge blast for the music lovers. Well known Mexican guitarist, famous drummer, big band jazz bassist and a saxophone master what else anyone can imagine for an outstanding night? Celebrity artists will rock the world of the music lovers with their mind blowing performance.

Still got any doubt about attending the show? For starter, great Mexican jazz and guitarist Omar Tamez will play with Harvey Sorgen, a legendary drummer who has played and recorded with Paul Simon. Hot Tuna and Bruce Hornsby who already have performed in various music events and got internationally recognition will be at Cayuga Museum. They’re currently having a tour across United States and luckily they’re available to play in this event.

Organizers have already contacted with the artists. David Cast, a master in playing saxophone will anchor the group. He already has worked with world-famous Levon Helm and Dave Matthews. Program will start with the performance of the Rue Gypsy Jazz Band, Erin and Brian Shey will lead the band. This eclectic music concert will surely be cool and attract numerous spectators.

Museum officials are organizing the program with an intention to help the museum to grow better. The theatre house is well furnished and there’s a chance of perfect comfort for the viewers. All the artists invited in the event are highly talented and they can literally play anything. People will get different taste of music in here. Organizers are expecting it’ll be a huge success and the museum will be benefited by this eclectic music concert.

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