Eclectic Music show conducting by Eric Hull

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra performed at an eclectic music concert earlier this month. The concert was directed by Canadian conductor Eric Hull. Hull is well known for his mastery of various genres from baroque to contemporary, covering both operatic and symphonic works. In this musical program Orchestra performed a lists of late romance, impressionistic and early modern works that were composed between 1880 and 1947. In the past few years it was one of the best performances done by Orchestra.

The program started with amazing performance of Brahms’s Tragic Overture Opus 81. Maltese soprano Miriam Cauchi featured the first half of the program. Orchestra performs in the later half of the program and amazed the spectators with excellent tune and composition.

The melodic and lyrical starting influenced the spectators with positive emotion. Hull did his best to gesture the overture and the performers were friendly to the conductor’s gesture and as a result the program was charming.

The Orchestra accompanied soprano Miriam Cauchi in Alban Berg’s Seven Early Songs. When the songs were written they were meant for medium voice piano but in 1928 they were revised and tuned for high voice and orchestra.

Hull successfully led the orchestra throughout the mood swings of Prèlude à l’Après-midi d’un Faun by Debussy. This piece is most well known for its solo flute passage. Earlier concepts of traditional tonality and voice leading are defined by this passage.

The program finished with Poulenc’s Sinfonietta which uses French tunes and dance rhythms. The audience enjoyed every bit of it and accomplished their magnificent performance with a big applause.

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