5 Cent Coffee

The term Jug band refers to a band consists of a jug player and a mix of traditional home made instruments. Usually traditional music bands use various expensive instruments for compositing their music. From instrumental point Jug bands are very different from traditional bands and it’s the special uniqueness of Jug Bands that they use ordinary homemade objects to play amazing music. Daily usage objects like washtub bass, spoons, stove pipe even tissue paper turns into a melodious instrument for a Jug band musician.

Louisville and Birmingham jug bands were the first ever jug bands to record. They played popular dance band jazz. When the radio comes and gets huge popularity around 1930’s, it affects most to Jug bands. They lost their popularity and weren’t welcome with the up-rise of radio. However, they lasted and composed some outstanding music. In 1990’s and early 2000, a new generation of Jug bands comes in handy. Among these post modern Jug bands ‘5 Cent Coffee’ is remarkable one.

Jug bands use discarded guitar neck fastened to large gourds as guitar. Discarded guitar neck and metal apple pie is used as banjos. Jug players talk into jug and buzz lips into its mouth about an inch away. They control the change of pitch by altering lip tension. They play the stovepipe same way as the jug but there’s no contact between lips and stovepipe. Also, they use throat vocalization along with lip buzzing while playing.

California Jug Band Association arranged a JugBand Festival in San Francisco and ‘5 Cent Coffee’ played some of their wonderful music in it. Their weeping vocal, sad accordion wails and sometimes with toe taps to a twang they cast the bewitch spectators to another time. Most of their music contains combine taste of fresh scent with old fashioned sound, mixture of a long lost nation.

The amazing part about ‘5 Cent Coffee’ is their playing style. Ukulele drives a stand up bass; melodeon throws some junk in a washboard. ‘5 Cent Coffee’ follows the dusty American travelling circuses tradition and plays song with weeping vocal. Usually two accordions and sometimes two ukuleles play the music. An irritating hat or emotional tear, spectators hardly notice anything rather they flow away to another time with sad emotional weeping may be an old dusty highway or someplace else.

‘5 Cent Coffee’ performed at Classic Movie Night at The Empress a few days ago before the show of ‘The Hustler’. The pre party started great with the old fashioned vaudevillian vibe. This post modern Jug band performs with full of grit and carnival hokum. In the big brash soft and mournful sound indeed it was a great performance by this Jug band just before the movie.

Smitty “Spitshine” Delacroix, Ukulele, Banjo-Uke, Guitar, Washboard, , Megaphone, Vox

Doodles LaRue, Melodeon (Ms. LaRue is proud that the button accordion she plays was signed by the Tigerlillies) Washboard, Chain, Kazoo, Ukulele, Vox

Slick Macoy, Bass, Baritone Ukulele, Vox,

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