Spice Girls Stunned the World in the Closing Ceremony of Olympic 2012

World’s biggest sports show, Olympic began on Friday, July 27 and had just ended on Sunday, 12 August. The Olympic 2012 has ended with the performance of Pop Band Spice Girl which is very popular all around the Globe. Millions of Spice Girl’s fans have enjoyed their show.

The Spice Girls who had been World Music Winner re-united to perform for the closing ceremony of the London Olympic 2012. The world was stunned with their amazing performance. The world saw the five legends performing their best as always. Some of the fans said that it was the best performance Spice Girls has ever performed.

All five Spice legends appeared together with the black cabs at the center stage of the stadium to perform their great hit song, “Wannabe” and later parade across the track of the stadium on the vehicles (same black cabs) singing another of theirs great song “Spice Up Your Life”.

George Michael also helped in the closing ceremony by performing his hit song “Freedom”. The Tune’s name was illuminated in electronic lettering behind him. Once he has covered the “Freedom”, he entertained the audience with “White Light” wearing black leather.

The memorable moments of the ceremony were musical tributes to John Lennon and to Beatles. John Lennon was the UK’s most popular and famous singer of the 20th century and he had been shown at the Olympic Stadium as he is singing his classic, “Imagine”. Actor cum comedian Russell Brand performed Beatles “I Am the Walrus” with the colorful dancers wearing 1960s-eraa hippie costumes.

DJ Fatboy Slim performed inside of a giant electronic octopus with the hip hop dancers supporting him. Meanwhile, Singer Lennox came to the stage on a large pirate ship. During her performance, she wore a red and black bascue.

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