The Band MilkDrive Mixes Up Eclectic Acoustic Music

Texas-based jazz-grass band MilkDrive is now developing a good reputation for its dynamic musical style. The Guitarist/harmony vocalist Noah Jeffries – who has recently spend so much of a month in Oklahoma visiting the family of his wife – said that everyone of us like rock just crazy out-there avant-garde type music. We try to through in really any influences that we have in there.

He said, “There is a clear difference with our sound and even what we do live, meaning we do a lot more jump-type stuff live. More instrumental tunes and stuffs which are really kind of get more into jazz part of the jazz-grass.

MilkDrive will get back to the Blue Door of Oklahoma city Friday night and after that, they will head to the Tulsha to play Saturday night at The Vanguard.

The people of Oklahoma who thinks they detect a hint of red dirt MilkDrive’s eclectic music are not actually wrong: Noah Jeffries played fiddle for 7 years with Harrah native Jason Boland and the strugglers. Dana Hazzard, his father in-law, was the original fiddler for Boland’s band.

“We are just trying to hone the sound of what we are doing vocally. There many new things that this band can do. We started only 3 or 4 ago as an instrumental side project. Things are evolving, but slowly”, said Jeffries.

Apparently, MilkDrive is younger, but its members were familiar with each other for years. Jeffries, Brian Beken and Dennis Ludiker first met when they were youngsters. Their band name was taken from their childhood experience.

There was an old abandoned milk factory and a road called MilkDrive. We’d go there and light fireworks, doing things that we were not supposed to as kids. It was so memorable for us and because of this we took the band name as “MilkDrive”.

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