TuneCore Hires a New Chief Marketing Officer

TuneCore is the world’s largest music distributor and is considered as one of the highest artist revenue generating music catalogs in the whole world. The company has just announced that they have hired Tamra Lichtman as their Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

The COO of the TuneCore, Scott Ackerman, said that “We are very excited to introduce Tamra as our CMO and a valuable member of the executive team. Tamra has very strong operational skills and impressive experience in meeting customers’ needs, and with these, she will be helping TuneCore in achieving its mission of empowering artists to create, license, distribute and sell their digital contents to collect sales and royalties due to them.”

Tamra has an experience of 20 years in marketing and operation. She worked with heavyweight consumer brand like Clorox and Evian, both of which have grossed revenue of hundreds of millions. She also shaped the marketing strategies on the behalf of Sutterstock and Webloyalty, as a result they took over $290 millions.

Tamra received her graduation degree from the Harvard Business Schools. She brings both knowledge and experience to amplify TuneCore’s brand, meaning more artists will get benefited from the company’s ongoing services and capabilities. Tamra Lichtman said that “I am very confident in the company’s potential to grow by continuing to provide artists with quality, affordable distribution coupled with superior publishing administration, ensuring artists are paid the revenue to which they are rightfully entitled.”

TuneCore intends to solidify its commitments to support the artists with enhanced product development. Apparently, this new hire follows company’s recent announcements that it’s publishing administration service expanded by signing several new sub-publishing agreements. TuneCore registers global competitions with 100s of societies and stores and they collects the revenue from the music downloads and streams.

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